NFStream: Flexible Network Data Analysis Framework

NFStream is a multiplatform Python framework providing fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with network data easy and intuitive.

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Encrypted layer-7 visibility

NFStream deep packet inspection is based on nDPI. It allows NFStream to perform reliable encrypted applications identification and metadata fingerprinting (e.g. TLS, SSH, DHCP, HTTP).

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Network Flow aggregation and statistical features extraction

Dealing with a big pcap file (or live network interface) and just want to aggregate it as network flows? NFStream make this path easier in few lines. NFStream extracts statistical flow features and can convert it directly to a Pandas dataframe or CSV file.

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from nfstream import NFStreamer

online_streamer = NFStreamer(source="eth0")
for flow in online_streamer:
    print(flow)  # print it.

offline_streamer = NFStreamer(source="tor.pcap",

df = offline_streamer.to_pandas(columns_to_anonymize=())
n_flows = offline_streamer.to_csv(flows_per_file=10000,


NFStream is easily extensible using NFPlugin. It allows to create a new flow feature within few lines of Python.

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from nfstream import NFPlugin, NFStreamer

class FirstPacketIsSyn(NFPlugin):
    def on_init(self, packet, flow):
        flow.udps.first_pkt_is_syn = packet.syn

streamer = NFStreamer(source='facebook.pcap',

for flow in extended_streamer:

Machine learning oriented

NFStream aims to make Machine Learning Approaches for network traffic management reproducible and deployable. By using NFStream as a common framework, researchers ensure that models are trained using the same feature computation logic and thus, a fair comparison is possible. Moreover, trained models can be deployed and evaluated on live network using NFPlugins.

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Multiplatform support

NFStream is currently supported on major Linux distributions, MacOS and Windows. You can install pre-built wheels for each platform using pip or build it from source.

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